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The Sleep and Dream Database (link: SDDb)  contains thousands of dream reports from a wide variety of people, along with information about their sleep patterns and demographic factors like gender, age, and marital status. You can explore the dream data using the SDDb’s built-in tools for word searching and survey analysis. - Website run by ex-archaeologist and LD/OBE researcher Ryan Hurd. Highly recommended.

  1. 5 Serious Sleep Trackers That Go Way Beyond Your Fitbit

  2. Does Galantamine Affect Your Lucid Dreams? OBE author Robert Peterson's blog, with full of interesting ideas and techniques. 

  1. The Black Hole of Cygnus X-1

  2. Video: Bob Peterson's OBE technique - OBE and science author Anthony Peake's website. Check out these interesting talks on his Consciousness Hour podcast:

  1. Jurgen Ziewe (out-of-body experiences)

  2. Graham Nicholls (out-of-body experiences)

  3. Dr Rory MacSweeney (lucid dreaming)

  4. Robert Waggoner (lucid dreaming) Verified OBE account of Whitley Strieber.

Lucid Dreams

Out-of-Body Experiences

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