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Samantha Lee Treasure

I became interested in the anthropology of astral projection and out-of-body experiences (OBEs) after my own recurring experiences in 2009. I'm particularly interested in the future trends of these experiences.

My goal is to offer helpful information and answers to experiencers and the general public in an ethical, neutral and unbiased way, exploring the intricacies of these experiences without simplifying or packaging them.

Since 2013, I've delivered talks in Japan, the UK, Russia and the US on the culture and phenomenology of OBEs. I explored OBE figures in the UK for my BSc thesis, and spontaneous and deliberate OBEs in South Korea for my MA dissertation.

I am currently based between London and Busan, South Korea.

Current projects

Fieldwork on out-of-body experiences in South Korea (summer 2023)
Chapter Out-of-Body Experiences in the Screen Age published in Deep Weird (2023)

My book for Inner Traditions Bear & Co. will be published in 2024

My book for Arcturus will be published in 2024/25


Solving childhood mysteries, liminal spaces & states, AI, VR, AR, technology and media, new religious movements

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